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Is Fried Egg Healthy?

Many people ask this question “is fried egg healthy” but most often they do not realize that they have two eggs inside them! Fried or boiled egg contains good cholesterol, good fats, good proteins, all good nutrients and minerals.

Good cholesterol in Egg

The good cholesterol found in the egg is called the cholesterol of the egg. It is okay in moderation, usually only three eggs a week and is even healthier. Egg yolk has good cholesterol just like in butter and olive oil, some good fats and good vitamins and minerals. Two eggs a week is not going to make you gain any extra weight and will be just fine for your health. It is important that you take the time to get the proper nutrition from your food.

The bad cholesterol

The bad cholesterol, also known as triglycerides, is bad for you because it can clog your arteries leading to high blood pressure and heart disease. Egg yolk contains some amount of HDL, which is good cholesterol, but most people do not know how to control their bad cholesterol to keep it under control. Many people use diet pills or other drugs that help control bad cholesterol but this may not always be enough to keep it under control. You can find a diet that will help you lower your LDL, which is considered bad cholesterol but still a lot of people cannot eat too much of this type of cholesterol. Most people can eat a little bit of this type of cholesterol each day and still keep their cholesterol under control.

Benefits of Fried or Boiled eggs

Fried or boiled eggs have two benefits over boiled. First, eggs contain more protein and better fat content than other types of eggs. Second, the egg yolk can be easily substituted with another vegetable like spinach or broccoli to give you a healthier and better taste. This is not to say that you have to avoid eggs altogether, but simply that you can easily make healthier choices when it comes to eggs. Eggs are just that – an omelette filled with yolk, vegetables and spices.

Fried eggs can be enjoyed with pasta, rice and other foods. Fried eggs are also a healthy choice when paired with meat. Just as with most dishes in the world of cooking, it’s all about the proportions of ingredients and serving size. When you are frying eggs, you want the consistency to be just right so that you can enjoy the flavour, but not overcook the egg. Even though the egg is cooked, you do not want the outside of the egg to burn.

Fried eggs have all of the same nutrition as a whole egg, just better. It’s all about how you prepare them.

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